Company Introduction

Sam Seng Wine Co. established in 1961 has been major Chinese herbal wine producer and wine wholesaler in Hong Kong wine market.

The herbal wine products under the brand name “Sam Seng” include Luk Yung Tai Pao Wine, Lu Wei Pa Chiew, Sanpien Chiew, Ling Chi Chiew and Ginseng Wine. The other wholesaling products include Jiujiang Shuangzheng Jiu, Gu Mien Chen, Australian Port and French A. de Preyssac brandy. Since 1990s, Sam Seng have been designing and producing a series of traditional Chinese porcelain wine products selling in HK tourists market.

In order to facilitate the registration process of proprietary Chinese medicines required by HK Government, a new company named Sam Seng Herbal Pharmaceutical Company Limited was established in 1999. Since then, the new company has been responsible for all the herbal wine production and government product registrations, and Sam Seng Wine Co. responsible for all the wholesaling business.

Sam Seng has made commitment to enhance product quality and safety.

In 1997, a new production plant having 30000 sq. ft in China , which was named Foshan City Nanhai Sam Seng Wine Co. Ltd and located in Foshan city of Guangdong province of PRC , was built to do herbal wine processing

In 2000, HK production plant relocated to a new 12000 sq. ft. building. The new plant and product system were designed to meet the newly regulatory requirement.

In 2005, HK plant was accredited HACCP and ISO 9001: 2000 granted by SGS.

In 2006, China plant was accredited Haccp and ISO 9001:2000 granted by CQC, and GMP granted by Guangdong FDA.

Our current major customers are Wellcome, Park'N Shop, CRC supermarket, 7-11, Yue Hua , Kai Bao supermarket, DFS , Free Duty shopper in HK and other grocery stores.